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Green MICE

As a new milestone in driving Tainan's economy, ICC Tainan not only builds Tainan's city brand positioning and develops international markets, but also has a green energy and low-carbon city vision. As a green and smart exhibition hall, the venue building of ICC Tainan is designed with the concept of green energy and carbon reduction, creating a safe, convenient, energy-saving and sustainable space. The green building design has been awarded the silver-level green building and smart building label.


Renewable Energy
ICC Tainan places large-area solar panels on the roof of the venue, therefore, it can self-generate power for part of the operation, and the annual power generation can even be used by 1,318 families for a year. The air-conditioning system also adopts an energy-saving design, successfully reducing electricity consumption by 35%.


Smart Green Venue
ICC Tainan is planted in the surrounding hinterland, with a total of 34,375 green plants, including 77% of Taiwan's native species, with a total carbon sequestration of 7,060 metric tons. ICC Tainan creates a sustainable and energy-friendly green environment through the diversity of plant ecology.

ICC Tainan dedicate to promote "Green MICE" and move towards the SDGs sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Go forward, expecting to become a model in the exhibition industry. We expect that better things and a more sustainable and green energy future can happen here.

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