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​Fucheng Yisu

Just like a classic movie will be collected by the times, Tainan's life aesthetics is worth your personal exploration and savoring. ​

After a busy meeting or event, we hope you can slow down, find a place to stay and enjoy the slow life of Tainan.

​ Self-driving tour (near the interchange)

徠 歸仁飯店
AddressNo. 455, Section 3, Zhongshan Road, Guiren District, Tainan City

Lai·Qui Nen Hotel is located in Gui Nh, Tainan, which is full of humanities. As a new landmark of Quy Nhon, it symbolizes Lai-Guy Nhon's attitude of opening two doors to the world, and conveys Lai-Qui Nhon's warmth to world travelers.

The core of Lai·Quijin brand: "Three degrees and two flavors". "Three degrees" refers to the temperature of love, depth of experience, and breadth of culture; "two flavors" refer to taste and aftertaste. Lai · Guiren pays attention to the customer. The word "Lai" is composed of five herringbone characters, which represent travelers, businessmen, family members, newcomers, and returnees. It is hoped that every guest who comes here can be fully touched by body, mind and spirit, and the experience comes from people and people through the environment and service. The natural temperature can really let go of the fatigue of the journey, nourish the body and mind, and return home with a smile.

AddressNo. 99, Yongan 1st Street, Yanxingli, Yongkang District, Tainan City

Queena Plaza Hotel is located in Yongkang District, Tainan City, near Nanke, only 3 minutes' drive from Yongkang Interchange. The convenient transportation is the best choice for business people and tourists. It is also the first resort hotel in New Tainan City. Officially established in 2007, the hotel integrates multi-functional facilities and services such as business and leisure, elegant and comfortable guest rooms, professional service teams, cordial and sincere smiles, and is committed to providing high-quality leisure tastes. The 7,000-square-meter Bali vitality garden combines waterfall landscaping, meditation pavilions, tropical plants and railway woods to create a nine-curved corridor, which together compose the original tropical charm of Bali.

AddressNo. 300, Section 2, Wenhua Road, 5th Neighborhood, Chenggong Lane, Rende District, Tainan City

Just Sleep Tainan Ten Drum Tower is 10 stories high, with a total of 129 rooms, divided into 113 rooms and 16 suites. The biggest highlight is that more than 70% of the rooms have balconies, and it is the first Just Sleep in Taiwan with an outdoor swimming pool. There are double-channel room temperature pools and a 50-centimeter children's wading pool (currently closed due to the epidemic). You can walk to the Ten Drum Rentang Cultural and Creative Park, and the Chi Mei Museum is also nearby. It is a 15-minute drive from the high-speed rail Tainan Station and the urban area. The traffic is very convenient. convenient

Shopping pleasure (near shopping district)

Phone +886-6-2366168  
Address 1st Floor, 5th Floor to 9th Floor, No. 368, Section 1, Zhonghua East Road, Guangli 1, East District, Tainan City

The style design brand "Laoye Travel" under the flag group of Laoye Hotel, named after the place, emphasizes the deep connection with the image and culture of the hotel's location. The first work is located in Tainan, which has the most stories in Taiwan. It opened at the end of 2014 and is the 12th hotel in the group. Tainan Master Travel is managed by Dutch Mecanoo Architects, and invited international teams such as British dpa lighting design consultants to cooperate with the integration of old and new. , Traditional imagery is reproduced in the hotel through modern and modern design. The hotel is located in the elite area of the East District of Tainan City. There are 223 guest rooms in the museum. The dining space includes Gancui Italian Restaurant, Twenty-One Bar, Huigan Coffee, and a light gym and laundry room.

AddressNo. 1, Lane 336, Section 3, Zhonghua East Road, East District, Tainan City

Taiwan Sugar Evergreen Hotel (Tainan) is an international tourist hotel funded by Taiwan Sugar Corporation and commissioned by the Evergreen Hotel International Chain Management. Tainan Evergreen Hotel (Tainan) is close to downtown Tainan, about a 15-minute drive from the airport and Rende Interchange. The hotel has a base area of 5,377 square meters and a 12-story building (4 underground floors and 12 floors above ground). It is planned to have 197 guest rooms. , All kinds of Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, international banquet halls, as well as fitness clubs, landscape swimming pools, saunas and SPA and other fitness and rest facilities. The advanced business center, the Internet that is in line with the world at any time, and the novel and complete fitness center will allow you to enjoy physical and mental relaxation. With comprehensive leisure facilities and considerate services, the Evergreen Hotel (Tainan) is the perfect place for you to experience a new and energetic experience.

Address No. 1, Heyi Road, Central and Western District, Tainan City

Located in the Central and Western District of Tainan City, the international five-star business resort hotel is a hotel under the Crystal Hotel Group. It is close to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xintiandi Department Store and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xiaoximen business district. It is within walking distance to the historical sites in the city. It has rich historical collections, cultural features, and perfect commercial functions. It takes 30 minutes by car to reach Tainan High Speed Rail Station and Tainan Science and Technology Park. The park, with convenient transportation, has both the environment and functions of business and leisure vacations. The whole building has 255 guest rooms, a large multi-functional banquet hall with a height of six meters, which can hold a hundred tables without beams for wedding banquets and a number of multi-functional meeting spaces, extending the group's catering advantages, with Chinese and Western exquisite cuisine restaurants. The team uses a lot of local ingredients to satisfy your multiple feasts, such as advocating local, delicious and visual. It is located on the leisure floor on the fourth floor, planning a sky swimming pool leisure space, a gym, and a parent-child interactive game room to create a perfect and complete business vacation environment.

Cultural tour (near monuments)

AddressNo. 1, Chenggong Road, Central and Western District, Tainan City

Tainan Hotel is located in front of Tainan Railway Station, with clear landmarks and convenient transportation. It is close to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Focus Department Store and the bustling business district around the railway station. National Cheng Kung University and Tainan Park are within easy reach, and many famous historical sites are within walking distance. The hotel has 152 comfortable rooms and special suites, which is the best place for business and tourism. It provides various facilities such as business center, conference hall, banquet hall, etc. to meet the all-round needs of VIPs; the restaurant has passed the HACCP certification, and strictly controls the hygiene and safety of ingredients. The diverse dishes and creative delicacies are not to be missed when visiting Tainan.

Address No. 89, West Section, Daxue Road, East District, Tainan City

Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan is the only five-star international chain brand hotel in southern Taiwan. The hotel is located right behind the Tainan Railway Station, with convenient transportation. The building is 38 floors high and has a circular landscape design. It has 336 rooms with excellent views and All suites can overlook the day and night scenery of Tainan. The standard room type is 15 pings, which is the most spacious room in the Tainan Hotel. There are a total of 5 Chinese and Western cuisine restaurants, Far East Café, Zuiyue Lou, Shang Bar, Hall Tea House and Pinxiangfang. It is also equipped with gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, Qi SHISEIDO SALON AND SPA and other facilities, providing domestic and foreign business and leisure travelers. Best accommodation experience. In 2015, the hotel was awarded the Best Hotel in Taiwan by TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award (The Travelers' Choice 2015), a world-renowned travel website, for the fifth consecutive year, and ranked first among 108 hotels in Tainan; Luxury Hotel, Taiwan's Hottest Hotel, and Taiwan's Best Service Hotel.

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