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"The fundamentals of my design are forest and ocean." - Juanjo Novella

Spanish artist Juanjo Novella asks everyone to respect and coexist with nature. To honor the treehouse and ocean that had left him a strong impression during his first visit in Taiwan, he created two steel sculptures in North Plaza of ICC Tainan.

大臺南會展中心廣場之公共藝術由西班牙藝術家Juanjo Novella設計製作

Tainan Sea Gate

Juanjo Novella Yellow Monkey Novia
Material|High carbon steel
Dimensions|600 x 500 x 230 cm​
Weight|3 tons

Beneath this beautiful coral reef, a child's innocent face can be seen. The work symbolizes a bright future, and the appearance of a coral reef also evokes the land's connection to the ocean. Tainan is not only an ancient capital of culture, but also has many innovative lives. The Gate of Taijiang is like a welcoming gate, leading guests to explore unknown areas. It pays tribute to the vastness of the ocean and welcomes all guests.

It is a door, it represents the reception and welcoming of this place to the visitor. Nature here is expressed by a marine plant where a girl appears, a symbol of the future, prosperity, new ideas ... life.

Natural Spreads Natural Spreads


Author|Juanjo Novella Yellow Monkey Novia

Material|High carbon steel

Dimensions|980 x 600 x 150 cm ​

Weight|8 tons

Based on the Tainan Anping Tree House, the lush forest symbolizes "life", "prosperity" and "protection". This work is a metaphor for the forest with natural consciousness extending into our consciousness, in which the innocent face of the child is faintly visible, conveying that Tainan is a city that values ecological awareness and leads the future. Greetings from the distinguished guests.

At the An Ping Tree House in Tainan, nature has spread and conquered its surroundings. Here too, in this sculpture, nature spreads into our consciousness. It is an image full of future and hope represented by the face of a child. It is a welcoming wall that greets us upon arrival.

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