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The Greater Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center will open in 2022. It is located in the harbor city that has experienced trade in the era of quenching the chain of navigation, and a settlement that integrates historical and cultural ancient capitals with semiconductor technology manufacturing processes. It contains multicultural and technological connotations, meets the needs of physical and virtual conferences and exhibitions, and redefines and presents the appearance of exhibition activities.


Located at the intermediary point of business travel between the north and the south of Taiwan, and the meeting point of people exchange at the Mitsui Outlet shopping mall next to the Tainan High Speed Rail Station, the Greater Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center fully meets the all-round convenience needs of exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences, and business travel destinations.

Covering an area of 5.2 hectares, the booth area on the first floor covers an area of 10,692 square meters, which can accommodate 600 standard booths. The indoor exhibition hall adopts pillar-free space and can accommodate up to 5,000 people, including one meeting room for 1,000 people and one for 800 people. room, five meeting rooms for 100 people and three meeting rooms for 20 people.


Exhibition Building

It is suitable for holding various types of exhibitions, concerts, award ceremonies, dinner parties, results presentations, incentive travel, etc., table setting, etc.

  • L132m x W81m x H12m

  • Exhibition area 10,692㎡ (about 3,234 tsubo)

  • The movable screen can be divided into east and west exhibition areas
    East exhibition area: 3*3 standard booths, 300 booths
    West exhibition area: 3*3 standard booths, 300 booths –

  • There are 3 vehicle entrances and exits and 2 main entrances and exits for visitors.


​Conference Building

  • Nushantaria (AE) 41 pings per room

  • Orange (AC) 15 pings per room

  • Da Yuan (301/AD) 82 pings per room/327 pings for full opening/ L48m x W22.5m x H7m

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  • Hot Lanzhe (302/AB) 246 pings wide open


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​Parking Building

  • The service space is equipped with unloading area, warehouse, cooking area, operation office, central control room, etc... functional space.

  • The parking space has 550 indoor parking spaces for cars and 464 outdoor parking spaces for motorcycles; they are located on B1, 3F and 4F of this building, and the outdoor east square can also provide 250 additional parking spaces for cars.

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