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Our Philosophy

貿易之島 世界臺南

1. The Trading City
While exploring the boundless ocean, the Dutch spotlighted Tainan in the 17th century. Since then, this trading hub has been historically important to the world. With Tainan’s unique cultures and characteristics, millions of visitors have been attracted to this food paradise and ancient capital. High tech and creative industries have rapidly risen in Tainan during the recent years, bringing young talents to expand their horizons in the city. Not only does it encourage knowledge economy development, Tainan has also become a new platform for MICE events. Echoing the local culture of friendliness, ICC Tainan aims to deliver the most memorable MICE experience to every visitor.


2. Diverse Industries

While Tainan is known as one of the most welcoming cities, ICC Tainan is targeted to be the support for youth entrepreneurship. Partnering with the city, we create new ideas by connecting with the local industries. Our multi-functional convention center and large colomn-free exhibition center are perfect for any events. ICC Tainan has accelerated the development of local businesses; furthermore, it is the ideal space for creators to bring their imagination to life. In ICC Tainan, everyone is free to share, present and associate.


3. Embracing Innovation

MICE industry leads the economic growth and city development. Injecting new technology, innovative lifestyle and creativity to Tainan, ICC Tainan represents a new chapter of the city. We believe the future of Tainan has plenty in store and look forward to unlocking new surprises.

貿易之島 世界臺南

Design Concept

When you think about Tainan, what color comes into your mind?


Chikan Tower and Eternal Golden Castle, two famous ancient attractions in Tainan, are built with red bricks and tiles. To represent the long history and fruitful culture of the city, the exterior of ICC Tainan is designed based on red brick colors and rock formation.


The beautiful glass curtain wall in North Plaza creates contrasting atmospheres at different time points. ICC Tainan is cozy and warm with natural sunlight during the day, and is penetrating with special lighting effects during the night. Combining with mixed media, visitors get to experience the connection with the past and the outside world.


The high ceiling design with light steel is one of the interior design highlights of ICC Tainan, as it represents the concept of Kunshen. Merging with the blue sky that reflects in the center, it creates a magnificent picture of Kunshen relaxing in the ocean.

The Meaning Behind


Tayouan (3F, capable up to 1,000 guests)

"Tayouan" was first shown on the Dutch ancient map, recording how the Han People called the Great Bay during the Age of Discovery. It represents the starting point of Taiwan's trading economy.


Zeelandia (3F, capable up to 800 guests)

Martinus Sonck, the first Dutch governor of Formosa, boraded the ship Zeelandia to Taiwan. Zeeland, one of the seven Dutch provinces, consists of a number of islands and peninsulas.


Nusantaria (1F, 5 meeting rooms)

The word Nusantaria, a Sanskrit term, describes the island realm of the Java-based Majapahit Empire. People from Nusantaria played a key role of the international trading history as they interact with India, China and Islam.


Orange (1F, 3 meeting rooms)

Prince of Orange was the stadtholder of the main provinces including Holland and Zeeland during the Age of Discovery. Fort Zeelandia had been renamed a several times, and it was once called the Orange City in 1624.

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