Tainan is an essential city that assembles the academic influences across the island, facilitating the development of the knowledge economy in Taiwan. It is the only city to host three major research institutions in Taiwan at the same time – Academia Sinica, National Applied Research Laboratories, and Industrial Technology Research Institute. Along with the collaboration with 15 universities and colleges such as National Cheng Kung University and College of Photonics, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Tainan is well-known for its state of the art technology including biotechnology, nanotechnology, information, semiconductors, photonics, medicine, smart technology, and renewable energy technology. This makes Tainan a perfect place to hold meetings or seminars for international experts.




A potential place for research and development, Tainan has the biggest industrial cluster in Taiwan with 15  different fields including semiconductors, agriculture and fishery, orchid cultivation, arts and culture, biology technology, chemicals, food science, plastic and rubber, automobile compartments, precision instruments, photonics, electronic components, electric vehicles, metal manufacturing, and fashion and textile. Holding an exhibition here in Tainan enables you to have business dialogs directly with the sources of raw material, department of research and development, and manufacturers.


Incentive travel

If Tainan were a person, she would be an explorer with many inspiring stories. She would tell you how the Dutch took over the world through trade and how they expanded their market across the ocean in the 17th century. She would tell you about the local successful entrepreneurship by explaining the A-Sha banquet. One of the oldest cities in Taiwan's modern history, with her rich and colorful culture, Tainan is a fascintating destination for incentive travel which manifests an infusion of contemporary innovation and a retro vibe. Imagine traveling in Tainan and experience the local cultural tradition, such a joyful time will, no doubt, inspire the team with creativity, and encourage teamwork.

Religious events, urban activities, and concerts

Tainan has not only many historical sites and different local delicacies, but also the most temples throughout Taiwan. Countless worshippers come to Tainan, making the place the top choice for the neighboring cities and counties to hold religious events. In addition to festival events, concerts, lantern festivals, arts festivals are also held in this city with convenient access to transportation facilities. When ICC Tainan holds and event, the whole city becomes the stage to shine.


Have fun in Tainan

Desination within 10~20 minutes of commute: Destination: Mitsui Outlet Park Tainan, Ten-Drum Culture Village, Eminent Interactive Luggage World, Chimei Museum. Hotels: the Place, Just Sleep Tainan Ten-Drum, Lai Hetel Guiren. Destination within 30 minutes of commute: Destination: Chimei Museum, National Museum of Taiwan History, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, T.S. Mall, Southern Taiwan Science Park, Tainan City Government, Fort Provintia, Fort Zeelandia, Tainan Confucian Temple, Tainan Haian Road Art Street, Tainan Garden Night Market, and Dadong Night Market. Hotels: Shangri-La Tainan, Silks Palace Tainan, Lakeshore Hotel, Hotel Cozzi.


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Connect regions and the globe to create business opportunities.

Ever since 1624, the spirit of trading with the world has been running in Tainan's blood. The humble and low-key characters of people who live in Tainan are the reasons behind outstanding and successful businesses. Fong Kee International Machinery, Taya Group, Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture, Everest Textile, Chih Kang Material Company, Kuei Meng International Incorporation, Tong Yang Group, Aeon Motor, Xxentria, San Shing Fastech are all founded in Tainan and they have made their way to the international market. With determination, ambition, and dogged beliefs, these entrepreneurs create not only fruitful results but also job opportunities in Tainan, contributing to their hometown. Here in Tainan, you can connect with success stories locally and globally, and create business opportunities for your bright future.


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